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        Jiangsu Huaiyin Construction Enginering Group Co, .LTD. owns the first grade qualification of building construction general contract, steel structure project professional construction and architectural decoration project specialized contract, the second grade qualification of Municipal Public utilities project construction general contract. We gets through ISO9001、ISO14001 and OHSA 18001 certification of management and imported and exported rights about related facility and material. Our company with 10 billion yuan annul output , is one of the 20 powerful enterprises of construction industry comprehensive strength in Jiangsu.

        Our company has registered capital 361.8 million yuan,the total assets 1 billion yuan ,the net capital 0.4 billion yuan. There are more over 200 persons with secondary and senior qualification in the total 1200 professional and technical personnels, and over 100 persons with first and secondary project manager qualification. Our main management project is construction engineering, real estate development , electrical and mechanical equipment installation, decoration, foundation treatment , and also manages parts making,municiple works, construction material salesment and international labour and service, ect. Our conpany's business is over the world for example: China,Zambia,Tanzania, Malawi,Benin ,Kuwait , Saudi Arabia,The United Arab Emirates,Singapore,Russia,Algeria ect.

        Our company constantly abiding the principle "constructing client satisfacted engineering, establishing green culture homeland, creating first-class famouse brand, pursuiting continuous stable progress", creats more over 200 provincal and municiple high qualified projects. Our company is praised as national safe production advancing group, Jiangsu province the best enterpeise of construction industry ,Jiangsu quality managment, safe production tech-advance unit, paying attention to contract and abiding the crdit "AAA" qulification enterprise.

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